When applying for your f-1 student visa, you will be required to interview at the United States consulate or embassy in your country. It is critical that you prepare for your interview ahead of time so that you can enter smoothly no matter what your interviewer throws at you. Make sure to prepare for your interview because many students fail this interview simply because they did not put in the necessary preparation time.

What is an f1 visa?

  • F1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa that is usually granted for five years.
  • This visa is issued to academic students enrolled in…

H1b visa is a trending topic nowadays because of its previous new process. It took a new turn when the election campaigns started for 2020. Trump blocked all kinds of foreign work visas for every country. Trump was literally not having good plans that would make immigrants and aspiring immigrants for the US. Joe Biden promised in his campaigns that immigration issues were the turning point for him and helped him in achieving the presidentship of the United States of America. Everyone was waiting for the rule to be changed.

The new rule for the H1b Cap selection process by…

Resume For Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing and it's future!
Digital Marketing is a form of marketing through which you can market your company digitally with technologies like SEO, Pay Per Click, E-mail marketing, Blog marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and many more. These are different types and technologies used to perform the marketing of a company. Marketing is not going anywhere even after a decade. It is always important to market your company’s product and services but for that, you have to adapt to the new technology that is ruling the business market. People spend more time with their devices nowadays and they use…

OPT Jobs in the USA.

The United States offers a training program that allows international students to work in their country without changing their visa status. It offers an OPTIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM to international students who have completed a full-time academic study in the US. You can go to OPT before or after completing your studies, but you are only allowed to work for 12 total months.

OPT students with certain degrees in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are eligible for 24 months extension of their post-graduation OPT program. …

Web Development for Business Growth.

In this digital era, online business is as important as offline business. If you are running a business and don’t have a website and no social media presence then it can affect your business. Creating a website for your company will help you in increasing your clients which is profitable for your business. You can also provide information about the new solutions your company has started to provide and you can also promote your website with the help of other social media influencers of your industry.

You can start your e-commerce platform to launch your online store and it will…

In Today’s World Web Designing Plays A Vital Role In Your Business Growth!

Having an online presence is not, at this point restricted for organizations. Customers in both the B2C and B2B space utilize the web to discover answers to their squeezing questions. Your site is regularly the primary spot another possibility collaborates with your image. Indeed, after your page loads, you have .05 seconds to intrigue your guest and 94% of individuals referred to website composition as the explanation they questioned or dismissed a site. …

Listing Your Necessary Skills In Your Resume Helps You In Standing Out!

Most of the marketing skills are soft skills which are needed by your potential employers. This remains constant for a marketing professional. For writing a Professional Marketing Resume you can always take the help of professionals such as My Resume Jobs. As a marketer, you realize that it is so essential to selling appropriately. Utilize your selling aptitudes in your resume and impact the correct individuals in your pursuit of the employment list.

There is a gigantic incentive in adding top abilities in your resume in case you need to showcase yourself for a marketing position.

Investigate what abilities can…

An Internship Resume Should Be Eye-Catching Enough To Land You A Post In A Company.

A resume for internship records a candidate’s important aptitudes and experience for a posted work. A resume gives the principal occasion to an employing manager to evaluate a candidate for the position. It’s critical to make a resume that makes as solid a case for yourself as possible to establish a positive first connection. In this article, you will come to know why a resume is significant while applying for an internship and what to remember for your resume.

What is meant by a resume for an internship?

A resume for an internship is a short archive that contains the…

Get your resume built by professionals to get you ahead of the competition with My Resume Jobs.

Nowadays the ideal length for a resume is considered to be one single page. Crafting a one-page resume is so much critical if you have spent some time searching for an ideal length for a resume. There is no predefined length of how long a resume should be. So let’s unfold how the resume length should be taken into account off. At some point in your life, you would have asked yourself how many pages should a resume consist of. So let’s answer the question in this article!

How many pages should be there in a resume?

For freshers &…

Get your resume built with the words & phrases that catch the eye of the recruiter with My Resume Jobs.

You won’t be able to have much time to make an impression for yourself with the help of your resume. Instead, you have just a few seconds to impress the hiring manager. In those seconds when the employer is scanning your resume the choice of words comes into the picture. Your choice of words will communicate the value you have added to your resume.

However, using common terms such as “go-to person” is considered to be best to get your qualities conveyed to the employer efficiently. …

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